Keep Warm Hunting

Warm Hunting in Wisconsin

Deer hunting is a favorite outdoor activity in Wisconsin. The state has an abundance of forest area in which to hunt, all of which is filled with game. However, Wisconsin also has an abundance of snow and extremely cold weather, making it crucial that hunters are prepared.

Hunting takes a lot of skill and it requires the hunter to remain still for very long periods of time. During these periods, body temperatures can drop to unsafe levels and hands and feet can quickly not function well to make quick decisions . It is important that all precautions are taken so that this does not occur.

Two highly recommended products for a winter hunting trip are the Icebreaker Boot Blankets and the Icebreaker insulated hand muff. Both of these products provide superior protection to the hunter by protecting their extremities from the cold.

Icebreaker Boot Blankets are overboots that you pull over your regular winter boots. These blankets contain two layers of insulation. The boot blankets are incredibly light, so agility is not an issue for the hunter. The boots have a drawstring at the top to help keep the wind and snow from entering the tops of the boots. This drawstring closure also aids in keeping body heat in the feet area. The design is slip resistant and is guaranteed to stay quiet when the hunter is sitting in the stand.

The Icebreaker® HanBlanket insulated hand muff is similar in design with the two layers if insulation and waterproofing material. The hand muff has an opening on both ends and is designed to make little or no noise when the hands are entering or exiting the device.

Both products are made with camouflage materials, so they easily blend into your hunting gear and surrounding area.

Both devices are not limited to hunting use. With so many other winter activities to enjoy in Wisconsin, the Icebreakers hand muff and Boot Blankets can be used at any time you need to keep warm. Everyone who enjoys winter activities would be pleased with the results they will have from adding these two pieces of equipment to their hunting and winter gear.