Cold Weather Gear

Hunting Overboot

Picture this: your walking to your stand, its dark, the sun is starting to peak over the trees, and your feet crunch the ground from the frost. It is a beautiful morning and a great day for a hunt. However, once you finally get into the stand and stop moving you start to notice how cold it actually is. You immediately regret not packing enough layers, especially for your feet. Your toes begin to grow numb and you keep squirming trying to create friction, but all you are doing is creating noise and not solving the problem. In the past, this happened to me all the time. I finally solved the problem with Icebreaker's hunting overboot. Their Boot Blankets are the perfect extra layer.

It is no struggle getting them to the stand because all you have to do is tie them around your belt loop, backpack, or somewhere on your body so your hands are free. Once you get situated in the stand, slip your boots inside and zip up the hunting overboot. Once they are on they immediately start to work, and you will have no need to squirm to try and create friction. This hunting overboot product keeps your feet nice and warm for the entire hunt. They also serve many purposes. For example, I went to a football game with my family and it was expected to be cold. I was not going to make the mistake of not layering properly, so I took my Boot Blankets. Just as in a stand, I was able to stand up in the bleachers to cheer for my team and sit back down no problem. This product is great for so many outdoor activities; it is a great hunting overboot, or whatever else you want them to be.

Don't suffer from cold feet in the stand and don't get cold feet and back out from getting this product. They work and can be used over and over again. You will love Icebreaker's Boot Blankets.

Cold Weather Gear