Cold Weather Hunting Equipment

Deer season is finally here. I've hunted for years but this year I'll be better prepared for those cold weather hunts as I've invested in cold weather hunting equipment from Icebreaker in order to keep my feet and hands warm. The BOOT BLANKET OVERBOOTS and HANBLANKET MUFF are well insulated for those cold weather hunts. In the past it's been hard to sit on a stand or in a blind for very long when your feet and hands are throbbing from the cold weather. If you want to be able to stay in your stand on those cold weather hunts you need to invest in cold weather hunting equipment from Icebreaker. Both the BOOT BLANKET OVERBOOT and HANBLANKET MUFF are constructed with 2 plies of 300 gram insulation. The overboot is lined with water repellant nylon, side straps for easy carrying. The muff is lined with a soft quiet acrylic pile, has elastic openings at both ends for easy insertion of the hands, a black poly webbing belt with side release buckle for carrying around the waist. In most situations the muff can be used without gloves or with a thin glove only.

The success of a hunt depends on how long you are able to sit still in a stand. If your hands and feet are cold it's hard to concentrate on the hunt. That's why the BOOT BLANKET OVERBOOTS and HANBLANKET MUFF should be a part of your cold weather hunting equipment. With these two products you will enjoy the hunts more and have a better chance of harvesting a deer as you will be able to stay on the stand or in the blind longer and remain more comfortable. Insulate your feet and hands from the cold weather, order the Icebreaker BOOT BLANKETS and HANBLANKET MUFF now. Be prepared this season. It may be warm now but cold weather is just around the corner.

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