Hand Muffs
Winter time activities are not for the light-hearted. These extreme sports take place in some of the coldest weather, and under some of the most extreme weather conditions. Does this mean they should be avoided? Absolutely not. It simply means that those who enjoy these cold weather activities need to be prepared.

Hunting Hand Muffs for All Types of Winter Activities

The ICEBREAKER® Insulated HANBLANKETS® were designed as hunting hand muffs, but outdoor enthusiasts have discovered that they are perfect for all types of winter activities. Constructed from a durable poly-cotton material and two layers of insulation, these accessories are made to keep your hands warm.

Hunting hand muffs have elasticized ends so that hands can slip in and out of the muff with little or no noise. The elastic around the edges also keeps the warmth in and the snow and cold out. The insulation in these hunting hand muffs is so efficient that you do not need a heat pack to generate warmth.

Keeping Your Hands Warm Keeps Your Body Warm

Understanding the importance of keeping your hands warm during a winter event is crucial. Your body allows heat to escape through the head, the hands and your feet.

ICEBREAKER® HANBLANKET® insulated hand muffs will allow you to keep your hands warm during the most extreme weather conditions. ICEBREAKER® HANBLANKET® insulated hand muffs are perfect for those long bouts of staying still while you are hunting. They are also perfect for keeping your hands warm while watching a football game or enjoying weather sports.
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