Hand Muffs

Warm Hunting Gloves Alternative

When you are hunting during the winter time, you know that one of your biggest liabilities is cold hands and feet. Excessive time sitting or standing still can cause you to get cold so that is why Icebreaker manufactures the Hanblanket . Protecting your hands and feet is not an option, it is a necessity.

When you are looking for a warm hunting alternative to regular gloves, you need to consider an insulated hand muff. This insulated hand muff will give you the additional protection you need when hunting to keep your hands warm. This simple item can significantly increase your warmth outdoors. Constructed of 2-py insulation, these Icebreaker® HanBlankets have a quiet acrylic pile lining and a very durable poly-cotton material on the outside. The hand muff is constructed to be virtually noiseless when placing the hands in either end so that when your hand is removed to make a shot the noise doesn't scare off the target. Using these Icebreaker® HanBlankets in addition to, or instead of, bulky gloves will give your hands extra protection from the cold. As an additional benefit, the Icebreaker® HanBlankets are available in camouflage print to ensure that you remain concealed when you are actively hunting.

The Icebreaker® HanBlanket is useful for any type of outdoor winter activity. Many people have discovered that they are perfect for ice fishing and sporting events in addition to being perfect for hunting.

The Icebreaker® HanBlankets are very lightweight and can be easily transported using the attached strap. They are made to fit all hand sizes, and the elastic openings make sure that regardless of hand and wrist size, the cold is blocked from entering.

If you are a serious hunter, this is the perfect addition to your cold weather gear. Everyone who is involved with hunting has heard the nightmare stories about missing a shot because their hands were too cold or because they sat for so long without adequate protection. Make sure that you are never in this position by equipping yourself with the best cold weather gear available.