Keep Warm Hunting

Alternative to Winter Gloves For Hunting

One of the only drawbacks to the winter hunting season is cold hands. When you have been sitting for extended periods of time, your hands will become very cold and hard to use. Keeping them in winter gloves is an option but one that also has drawbacks. Thick winter gloves make it nearly impossible to use a gun. When that perfect shot comes into sight, you have to take off the gloves. The noise from this, or even the delay it causes, can cause you to lose your target.

What every hunter needs is an alternative to winter gloves for hunting. They need an item that will offer them protection from the cold without being a hindrance to their hunting. They need something that will not cause noise when used or prevent them from making a shot. What they need is an insulated Icebreaker® HanBlanket.

An insulated Icebreaker® HanBlanket provides protection to your hands in many different ways. The muff itself is constructed of a very durable outer poly-cotton blend and lined with acrylic pile to protect your hands. It also has a 2-ply layer of insulation that keeps hands warm and nimble.

The ends of the Icebreaker® HanBlanket are constructed in a fashion that allows for the hands to enter and exit the muff with little or no noise. This ensures that the target will not be scared off by a random noise. The openings are designed with elastic so that any size hands can enter and exit the muff and have the additional protection of a closed opening that will keep the cold out.

These Icebreaker® HanBlankets do not have to be limited to just hunting, they are perfect for winter sporting events and other outdoor activities like ice fishing. Any time you are going to spend extended periods of time in the cold, the Icebreaker® HanBlanket will be very useful. This additional protection from the cold is the perfect addition to your cold weather gear.

Enjoy all of your outdoor winter activities for longer periods of time by using Icebreaker® HanBlankets as an alternative to bulky winter gloves.